API References

When you load monetization framework, you can access _bsa with methods that you can use to load and design ads. Here is the list of methods that you should know.


The init method loads the ad unit on the page based on the variables and options you pass into it. You can refer to the quick start guide for the options this method accepts.


The initBatch method accepts the same parameters as init method, but instead of making a request every time it initiates, it combines them into a single batch which you can call later with loadBatch method.


The loadBatch takes the combined requests from initBatch and send a single request to load ads on the site. Refer to Batch Request for detailed examples.


The reload method lets you refresh/reload the ad. This method accepts the unique class or id value of the ad container.

Example of reload method

// For this example, the id is "bsaBanner"
<div id="bsaBanner"></div>

  // Pass the id into the parameter to reload the ad


The close method lets you hide the ad for a specified amount of time. It will set a cookie to prevent the framework from making another ad request until the cookie expires. It accepts only the id of the element and time. By default, the ad stays hidden for six hours if you don't pass the time value.

Example of close method

<div id="bsaBanner"></div>
<span onclick="_bsa.close('bsaBanner')">Hide Ad</span>