Ads In Email


If you are building and queuing emails on your own and then sending through a 3rd party (such as SendGrid, Nylas, MailGun, and many others) one of your primary considerations will be speed. How much will making a request to the BuySellAds Ad Serving API slow down my send process? The best way for us to address this is to determine whether or not we can locate an ad server in close proximity to there server where you build your emails. Locating two servers in us-east-1 on AWS, 20,000 requests from the test server to our ad server were served in 7.5 seconds (or 0.4ms per request). If you would like help doing a similar experiement, please reach out.

The primary timing issue is network latency. Here are raw (local) serving times for a variety of requests. If we can locate an ad server close to where you generate emails, the question of "how much is this going to slow down our send process?" is "very little".

RequestsParallel ClientsTotal TimeTime per Request
10,000122.6 seconds2.3ms
10,000102.01 seconds0.2ms
100,000507.8 seconds0.1ms
1,000,00020076 seconds0.1ms